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Bill Lewis Mini Trap

Bill Lewis Mini Trap - MT18, Color: Rainbow Trout, Price: $5.99, Stock: 12

Bill Lewis Mini Trap - MT25, Color: Chrome Black Back, Price: $5.99, Stock: 15

Bill Lewis Mini Trap - MT25B, Color: Chrome Blue Back, Price: $5.99, Stock: 27

Bill Lewis Mini Trap - MT30, Color: Yearling Bass, Price: $5.99, Stock: 12

Bill Lewis Mini Trap - MT37, Color: Bleeding Shiner, Price: $5.99, Stock: 21

Bill Lewis Mini Trap - MT46N, Color: Natural Crawfish, Price: $5.99, Stock: 12

Bill Lewis Mini Trap - MT46R, Color: Red Crawdad, Price: $5.99, Stock: 12

Bill Lewis Mini Trap - MT48, Color: Red Craw w/Chartreuse Belly, Price: $5.99, Stock: 0

Bill Lewis Mini Trap - MTGLOW, Color: Glow Green Back, Price: $5.99, Stock: 18

Bill Lewis Mini Trap - MTSY1, Color: Chrome Shad, Price: $5.99, Stock: 12

Bill Lewis Mini Trap - MTSY4, Color: Blue Smoke, Price: $5.99, Stock: 6

Bill Lewis Mini Trap - MTW1, Color: Chrome Blue w/Black Stripes, Price: $5.99, Stock: 15

Bill Lewis Mini Trap - MTWY, Color: White Yellow Eye, Price: $5.99, Stock: 0

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Hit 'em hard with one of the most effective lipless crankbaits of all time, the legendary Bill Lewis Mini Traps are a proven choice when fish are feeding on smaller forage. Its lifelike detail and ability to produce sounds nearly identical to those of schooling baitfish under attack are just 2 reasons more pro anglers choose to use Rat-L-Traps when targeting largemouth, smallies, white bass, and many saltwater species.
Model Length Weight Class
MT 2-1/2? 1/4oz. Sinking

13 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
MT18 Rainbow Trout In Stock: 5+ $5.99
MT25 Chrome Black Back In Stock: 5+ $5.99
MT25B Chrome Blue Back In Stock: 5+ $5.99
MT30 Yearling Bass In Stock: 5+ $5.99
MT37 Bleeding Shiner In Stock: 5+ $5.99
MT46N Natural Crawfish In Stock: 5+ $5.99
MT46R Red Crawdad In Stock: 5+ $5.99
MT48 Red Craw w/Chartreuse Belly Out of Stock $5.99
MTGLOW Glow Green Back In Stock: 5+ $5.99
MTSY1 Chrome Shad In Stock: 5+ $5.99
MTSY4 Blue Smoke In Stock: 5+ $5.99
MTW1 Chrome Blue w/Black Stripes In Stock: 5+ $5.99
MTWY White Yellow Eye Out of Stock $5.99
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