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Lowrance Structure Scan Sonar Imaging System

Lowrance Structure Scan Sonar Imaging System - Variant #1, , Price: $599.99, Stock: 0

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Lowrance StructureScan is the brightest new edge in high-detail, picture-perfect bottom viewing of ledges, channels, drop-offs, brush and all the other great other fish hidey holes, with superb clarity, for add-on performance to any HDS multifunction display. It's pure, advanced and exclusive Lowrance technology through and through. * It easily networks via ethernet with up to three HDS devices for sonar display and waypoint sharing. * It features the dedicated transducer array for the Lowrance innovation of down-looking imaging producing the clearest, truest picture possible. * It's features a high-technology plug-and-play performance module to deliver the most horsepower in fishfinding imaging. * It works separately and in tandem with the award-winning, built-in Broadband Sounder of HDS displays and existing transducers. * It offers the exclusive TrackBack feature for simultaneous scroll-back of sonar and chartplotter "history" to set waypoints, and share them across the network. * It gives you multiple choices in imaging transducer mounting locations. * Click here for more Unique Features Working Together! Even more exciting, StructureScan features an added new dimension in sonar imaging never before seen, so anglers don't miss a thing.

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