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Megabass Magdraft

Megabass Magdraft - Albino Pearl Shad, Color: Albino Pearl Shad, Price: $12.99, Stock: 0

Megabass Magdraft - Ayu, Color: Ayu, Price: $12.99, Stock: 0

Megabass Magdraft - Silver Shad, Color: Silver Shad, Price: $12.99, Stock: 0

Megabass Magdraft - White Back Shad, Color: White Back Shad, Price: $12.99, Stock: 0

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Designed for hard-thumping action with a medium-slow to medium retrieve, MAGDRAFT’s tail kicks into gear quickly, sending vibrations throughout the body to activate the lateral line of predators. MAGDRAFT features the patented MAG-HOLD SYSTEM, which secures the treble hook alongside the belly via an internal magnet. This not only streamlines action, but acts to hide the unnatural profile of the underbelly treble hook from wary predators. MAGDRAFT also features two side fins designed to prevent unnatural rolling action, and act as miniature weed-guards to protect the treble hook in its magnetized position. This contributes to the realistic swimming action of MAGDRAFT, and allows for productive retrieves in key grass areas. Furthermore, with a robust wire-through construction firmly joining line eye to hook, the increased hook-up ratio of MAGDRAFT will also translate into a higher landing percentage. *Please note, the MAGDRAFT is tuned specifically for that combination of head-shaking and tail-thumping action, and therefore must be retrieved at the correct speed. We suggest sticking to a moderately-geared reel, such as a 5.3:1 ratio. Practice with your MAGDRAFT to find your sweet spot, which is generally a medium-slow to medium retrieve speed. Too fast, and it will come up. Too slow, and it will sink/drag the tail without activating the head section. Your MAGDRAFT will tell you when it is right, with a thumping action that you can feel in your rod tip! LENGTH: 6? WEIGHT: 1-1/4oz HOOK: #2

4 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
Albino Pearl Shad Albino Pearl Shad Out of Stock $12.99
Ayu Ayu Out of Stock $12.99
Silver Shad Silver Shad Out of Stock $12.99
White Back Shad White Back Shad Out of Stock $12.99

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