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Pro-Cure Egg Cure

Pro-Cure Egg Cure - PC-012 02, Color: Red, Price: $8.99, Stock: 0

Pro-Cure Egg Cure - PC-012 03, Color: Flame, Price: $8.99, Stock: 0

Pro-Cure Egg Cure - PC-012-01, Color: Natural, Price: $8.99, Stock: 15

Pro-Cure Egg Cure - PC-012-04, Color: Steelie Pink, Price: $8.99, Stock: 0

Pro-Cure Egg Cure - PC-U12-01, Color: UV Glow Natural, Price: $10.99, Stock: 0

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For curing steelhead and salmon eggs. Cures cluster eggs, loose eggs and single trout eggs. A 12 ounce pack will cure 10-15 pounds of roe, which will store refrigerated up to 1 year and freeze indefinitely. Flame Orange for steelhead; Natural for low water steelhead; Steelie Pink (fluorescent: Great for trout and steelhead in wide range of water conditions. Redd Hot Fluorescent Red: Excellent for salmon in all types of water ; steelhead in high or discolored water. 12 oz jar.

5 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
PC-012 02 Red Out of Stock $8.99
PC-012 03 Flame Out of Stock $8.99
PC-012-01 Natural In Stock: 5+ $8.99
PC-012-04 Steelie Pink Out of Stock $8.99
PC-U12-01 UV Glow Natural Out of Stock $10.99
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