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Pro-Troll Ratzap w/E-Chip

Pro-Troll Ratzap w/E-Chip - Baby Bass, Color: Baby Bass, Price: $5.99, Stock: 0

Pro-Troll Ratzap w/E-Chip - Bleeding Shad, Color: Bleeding Shad, Price: $5.99, Stock: 12

Pro-Troll Ratzap w/E-Chip - Chrome Black Back, Color: Chrome Black Back, Price: $5.99, Stock: 10

Pro-Troll Ratzap w/E-Chip - Chrome Blue Back, Color: Chrome Blue Back, Price: $5.99, Stock: 7

Pro-Troll Ratzap w/E-Chip - Red Craw, Color: Red Craw, Price: $5.99, Stock: 0

Pro-Troll Ratzap w/E-Chip - White Yellow Eye, Color: White Yellow Eye, Price: $5.99, Stock: 6

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''This has been one of my top striper casting lures since it came out. The results are amazing. Time after time I have seen the EChip model outfish everything and everyone on the water.'' - Alan Fong, Sacramento, California
  • E-Chip electronic attraction
  • Laser Eyes
  • Fusion welded for absolute water proofing
  • Perma deposition with UV cured overcoat

6 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
Baby Bass Baby Bass Out of Stock $5.99
Bleeding Shad Bleeding Shad In Stock: 5+ $5.99
Chrome Black Back Chrome Black Back In Stock: 5+ $5.99
Chrome Blue Back Chrome Blue Back In Stock: 5+ $5.99
Red Craw Red Craw Out of Stock $5.99
White Yellow Eye White Yellow Eye In Stock: 5+ $5.99

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