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Smithwick Perfect Rogue

Smithwick Perfect Rogue - Ayu, Color: Ayu, Price: $6.99, Stock: 6

Smithwick Perfect Rogue - Blue Back Herring, Color: Blue Back Herring, Price: $6.99, Stock: 0

Smithwick Perfect Rogue - Chrome Black Orange, Color: Chrome Black Orange, Price: $6.99, Stock: 13

Smithwick Perfect Rogue - Chrome Blue Orange, Color: Chrome Blue Orange, Price: $6.99, Stock: 1

Smithwick Perfect Rogue - Clown, Color: Clown, Price: $6.99, Stock: 3

Smithwick Perfect Rogue - Emerald Shiner, Color: Emerald Shiner, Price: $6.99, Stock: 0

Smithwick Perfect Rogue - Gold Rogue, Color: Gold Rogue, Price: $6.99, Stock: 12

Smithwick Perfect Rogue - Golden Shiner, Color: Golden Shiner, Price: $6.99, Stock: 9

Smithwick Perfect Rogue - Juice, Color: Juice, Price: $6.99, Stock: 3

Smithwick Perfect Rogue - Lady, Color: Lady, Price: $6.99, Stock: 6

Smithwick Perfect Rogue - Lemon Lime Crush, Color: Lemon Lime Crush, Price: $6.99, Stock: 0

Smithwick Perfect Rogue - Table Rock gold, Color: Table Rock gold, Price: $6.99, Stock: 7

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The Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogue dives quickly to get down to the big ones, then produces that erratic action proven even cold, lethargic fish to strike. The Perfect 10 Rogue dives 10-feet-plus, and features the classic "Rogue Roll" that prompts vicious strikes by showing side-flash just like a real baitfish. New, high-tech color patterns were developed with the input of the best jerkbait fisherman in the world, and super-sharp Gamakatsu Hooks stick any fish that comes close.
Length Weight Depth
5 1/2" 5/8 oz. 10-12 feet

12 Models Available

Model Color Stock Price Qty
Ayu Ayu In Stock: 5+ $6.99
Blue Back Herring Blue Back Herring Out of Stock $6.99
Chrome Black Orange Chrome Black Orange In Stock: 5+ $6.99
Chrome Blue Orange Chrome Blue Orange Low Stock: <5 $6.99
Clown Clown Low Stock: <5 $6.99
Emerald Shiner Emerald Shiner Out of Stock $6.99
Gold Rogue Gold Rogue In Stock: 5+ $6.99
Golden Shiner Golden Shiner In Stock: 5+ $6.99
Juice Juice Low Stock: <5 $6.99
Lady Lady In Stock: 5+ $6.99
Lemon Lime Crush Lemon Lime Crush Out of Stock $6.99
Table Rock gold Table Rock gold In Stock: 5+ $6.99
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